It’s all in the name


Little Lou
I was Louise G Corti back in the days when I modelled swimwear

Gee, what’s with the extra letter then, Lou C?

Some things are an absolute gift, and this is one of them – it is a story I recount at poetry readings, and it is absolutely true. And possibly, if you’re here you have heard the story and you’re checking it out? I wonder if ‘underwear’ or ‘writer’ were the trigger words? No matter, read on:

I discovered (quite by accident, of course) that if you Google ‘Louise Cole’ you’ll find a rather lovely raven-haired girl modeling underwear.

Quite clearly, that’s not me, not least because I’m, well … blonde and she’s not.

If you Google ‘Louise G Cole’ however, there I am (if you look hard enough), not modelling undies though, obviously.

I hope you’re not too disappointed.

PS It’s for Gillian, just in case you were wondering. And I was Louise G. Corti back when I tried my hand at modelling swimwear.


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